Monongahela Wharf parking + landing

The entrance to the Wharf is at the intersection of Wood Street and Fort Pitt Boulevard. If you are coming down Wood Street, the entrance will be straight in front of you. If you are coming down Fort Pitt Boulevard it will be on your left. There will be a big green sign that says "MON WHARF PARKING". 

The above address is clickable and will pull the location up on Google Maps. If you are using any other GPS service (i.e. iPhone), use this address: 14 Wood Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222. This will bring you to the intersection of Wood and Fort Pitt Boulevard right across from the entrance to the Wharf.

Parking at the Wharf is free, but limited, the day of the event. We recommend utilizing ride share services, public transportation, or bikes. Please note: Boats are welcome to anchor down to hear the juicy beats, however there is no docking available, feel free to float on over to the entrance!